Exploding China

Shanghai-based multidisciplinary think Go West Project will be in London to discuss their new book How the City Moved to Mr Sun in conversation with Beatrice Galilee.



China’s New Megacities
On September 22, The Gopher Hole will host Exploding China, a program about unknown Chinese megacities like Wuhan (10 million inhabitants), Shijiazhuang (9 million) and Chongqing (33 million), that are transforming at breakneck pace into the big brothers and sisters of global cities like Rio de Janeiro, London and Moscow. Here, China is constructing the biggest urban society the world has ever seen.

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After a successful launch in a sold out City Theatre in Amsterdam, architect Daan Roggeveen and China correspondent Michiel Hulshof from the Go West Project will present their new book How the City Moved to Mr. Sun – China’s New Megacities in London. Their book lifts the veil from these unexplored megacities in the heart of China.

The transformation of these cities follows a ruthless logic: farmers demolish their homes and build their own high-rise apartment blocks, torn down again by city authorities in the name of progress. Everywhere in the country, new business districts, skylines and complete ghost cities come into being.

The effects are felt far outside China. The growing urban middle class has ever more money to spend, driving up demand for luxuries worldwide. Chinese students are conquering the lecture halls of Harvard and Yale. On the other hand, urbanisation has severe implications in terms of sustainability: it causes higher emissions of greenhouse gasses and puts further pressure on dwindling oil and gas reserves.

About Go West Project
The Go West Project is an independent and multidisciplinary think tank tracking the development of emerging megacities in the heart of China. It analyzes both urban and social developments in the world’s fastest urbanising region.

Drawing on the results of this research, the Go West Project advises companies, universities and government organisations on urban strategies and development.

The Go West Project was founded in February 2009 in Shanghai by China correspondent Michiel Hulshof and architect Daan Roggeveen. They are working together with a broad network of scientists, architects, entrepreneurs, journalists and artists from several countries.

The Go West Project continues to engage in a wide range of activities, varying from the publication of articles in international media to the participation in exhibitions.